Why Are You Still Breaking Out? Three Common Mistakes In Acne Treatment And Management

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Why Are You Still Breaking Out? Three Common Mistakes In Acne Treatment And Management

5 April 2016
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Are you using your acne medication as directed, but still suffering from pimples? While no one treatment works for everyone and it's possible you just need to switch medications, there's another possibility. You could be making one of these common acne management and treatment mistakes, and once you stop making the mistake, your acne might just clear up!

Mistake #1: Using more than one medication at once.

If you're using a gel or cream for acne treatment, you should not also be using a medicated wash and a medicated moisturizer and a medicated astringent. Doing so often just over-dries the skin, which makes matters worse and may just perpetuate breakouts. Choose one medicated product to use, and then choose mild, non-medicated versions of other skincare products. For instance, if your doctor has prescribed a medicated acne wash, then you'll want to use a mild, non-medicated moisturizer, makeup, and toner.

Mistake #2: Not washing your pillow case.

When was the last time you washed your pillowcase? If it has been more than a few days, then every time you lay your face down on it, you're just re-introducing acne-causing bacteria and dirt to your face. This can counteract the effects of your medication and perpetuate breakouts. Get into the habit of changing your pillowcase at least every 3 days, if not daily. This might mean you have to buy a few extra pillowcases so you can just strip one off and throw it in the laundry each day. But it will be worth it – your face will stay a lot cleaner, so your acne treatment should be more effective.

Mistake #3: Scrubbing too much.

You can't scrub away acne. In fact, scrubbing away at your face will just make matters worse, as it may create micro-tears in your skin and let the bacteria enter so they can later cause breakouts. Scrubbing will also irritate existing pimples, making them look redder and more obvious. Massage your skin gently with your hands or a soft cloth. Some people prefer to use a big, soft brush to wash their faces – that's okay too as long as the brush really is soft.  If your skin is red and sore when you're done washing, you're rubbing too hard.

If you avoid the mistakes above, your acne treatment efforts will be more effective. If you're still suffering from breakouts, talk to your dermatologist to see if switching your medication is a good idea. Contact a company like Heibel Dermatology for more info.