Am I Going To Die? Three Debunked Myths About Skin Tags

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Am I Going To Die? Three Debunked Myths About Skin Tags

29 June 2016
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Skin tags are foreign to many young people, so when they hear they have one they tend to immediately think of moles. There are several myths that surround skin tags, making the fact that you have one even more terrifying. Luckily for you, the majority of the bad things you hear about skin tags are just myths. Before you let your thoughts run away from you and before you are convinced you have cancer, here are a few falsities about skin tags.

It's A Tumor!

It can be disconcerting when a skin tag first forms, because it looks like a suspicious growth. The first thought that many have when they find one is "cancer". This is not true, however. Skin tags are just pieces of extra skin on your body. They are formed when there is skin to skin friction. This is why they are most common on the neck, armpits or on the upper, inner thigh. Skin tags are harmless and can be removed easily and right at home if you choose to.

Remove One, Five Grow

A popular misconception about skin tags is that they are like zits: if you remove it, then five more will grow in its place. This, however, is not the case. You can remove a skin tag; however, the chances of getting another one in the same spot are high because of the skin to skin friction. The repeated growth has less to do with the removal and more to do with skin constantly rubbing against itself.

You'll Get Scars!

The removal of skin tags does not cause scars, because they are not really a part of your skin, rather they are a growth on your skin. Skin tags are easy to remove and you wont feel any pain from it. If you remove a skin tag, chances are no one will ever know you even had one because there won't be any signs of it ever being attached to your skin. Having said that, you shouldn't just pull it off. You can find other safe and effective ways to make it fall off on its own.

The first sight of a skin tag is frightening if you don't know what it is. Your mind will go to all of the myths and stigma that surrounds these little body pests. Don't be dismayed! These skin growths are harmless and can be removed easily. By knowing what you are dealing with you will be better equipped to begin the removal process.

If you need professional help, contact a mole removal service in your area.