See A Dermatologist If You Notice Signs Of Alopecia

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See A Dermatologist If You Notice Signs Of Alopecia

17 August 2023
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Alopecia is a condition that affects many people, and while it has its challenges, it's not something that you have to manage on your own. If you've seen some changes in your body that lead you to believe you might have alopecia, you should find a dermatology clinic in your area and make an appointment. Spending some time with a dermatologist will help you to better understand this condition so that you know what to expect, as well as learn about various treatment options that may appeal to you. Here are some signs that can indicate that you have alopecia.

Bald Patches On Your Head

The most obvious warning sign that you have alopecia is the emergence of bald patches on your head. They can be very evident with certain hair lengths; if your hair is short, for example, it will be hard to miss these patches. Longer hair may partially conceal the bald patches, but you'll often notice them when you're washing your hair in the shower. Bald patches from alopecia can vary in size, but they're often circular in shape. Generally, the patches will be completely bald, rather than having a small selection of hairs.

Nail Changes

The emergence of bald patches on your head will often be enough to make you believe that you have alopecia, which should prompt you to visit a local dermatologist. Some people who have this condition experience other symptoms elsewhere in their body, however. A common change is the emergence of a number of small pits on the surface of your nails. The pits can be subtle or overt, but if you've noticed hair loss that you believe might be related to alopecia, it's a good idea to carefully look at your nails to see if they look normal or if they've developed pits.

Body Hair Loss

Some people who have severe alopecia will lose hair in various areas of their body. While you may notice bald patches on your head, you might begin to see a lack of hair elsewhere. For example, you might notice that your arm hair, leg hair, or even your pubic hair is thinning and falling out. It's even possible to lose your eyelashes, which is something that you can begin to notice when you're putting makeup on.

If you've seen enough changes to make you believe that you might have alopecia, visit a dermatologist in your area.