Learning About Dermatology Treatment of Skin Rashes

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Learning About Dermatology Treatment of Skin Rashes

Hello, my name is Mandy. Welcome to my site about dermatology. During my first pregnancy, I started to develop rashes on my face and limbs. Unfortunately, the tests came up inconclusive. A visit to a dermatologist helped me solve the cause of the rashes and bring my skin back under control. The dermatologist quickly made a diagnosis and developed an effective treatment plan. From that experience, I decided I wanted to help other people facing frustrating skin rashes without an obvious cause. I will use this site to deliver pertinent information in an effort to help this group. Thank you.


3 Skin Care Ingredients To Look For To Prevent Eczema Flares And Calm Mild Ones

3 November 2015
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If you have been newly diagnosed with eczema, then you may not know where to begin when reevaluating your current skin care routine. If your dermatologist has prescribed an eczema medication for you to use daily or only during bad flares, then that is the most important item to include in your skin care routine, but doesn't have to be the only one. Look for these three ingredients that help keep your skin calm to prevent flares and can also stop a mild flare in its tracks, before it worsens. Read More …