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Hello, my name is Mandy. Welcome to my site about dermatology. During my first pregnancy, I started to develop rashes on my face and limbs. Unfortunately, the tests came up inconclusive. A visit to a dermatologist helped me solve the cause of the rashes and bring my skin back under control. The dermatologist quickly made a diagnosis and developed an effective treatment plan. From that experience, I decided I wanted to help other people facing frustrating skin rashes without an obvious cause. I will use this site to deliver pertinent information in an effort to help this group. Thank you.


What You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal Treatments

16 February 2016
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Shaving is a task that many people hate completing. Some people hate that they have to shave on a daily basis, while other people simply hate shaving because they have sensitive skin. Regardless of what your personal reason is, you certainly aren't alone. If you're like most people who hate to shave, you've probably thought about completing the laser hair removal treatment process, but how do you know that hair removal treatment is the right choice for you? Read More …